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Tambling Coffee Original Powder 250g

Tambling Coffee Original Powder 250g

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Tambling Coffee - Original Powder 250 g | Kopi Tambling

Carefully harvested from the wilderness of Tambling, the original is a naturally bred organic Robusta that is rich taste and lingering fruit flavor upon brewing.

Tambling Coffee is organic coffee beans that is grown within fertile soil of South Sumatra forest, thus reaping all the goodness of the well preserved natural environment of the tiger island. With a natural approach in its production process, careful beans selection and masterful roasting technique, Tambling Coffee delivers you distinct coffee experience with strong taste and a hint of fruit flavor.

Tambling Coffee originated from the limited utilization areas (enclave) surrounded by protected tropical forests of Indonesia. The forest itself is home to diverse species of exotic wild animals and plants, which also boasts various majestic sceneries such as Menjukut Lake and Sawang Bajo Beach.

Serving Suggestion : Espresso, Vietnam Drip, French Press, Syphon

Ingredients : Organic Coffee

Size : 250 g

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