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WATU Multifloral Trigona Lawu 400g

WATU Multifloral Trigona Lawu 400g

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Watu - Multifloral Trigona Lawu 400g

Propolis-filled Goodness from Luwu. Improves everyone’s health with propolis. We've embraced the powerful relationship of honey bees and their beehives and bottled it up in a jar. A spoonful of our propolis-enriched honey every day will keep common cold at bay. 


Origin : Luwu, South Sulawesi.

Bees : Apis trigona.

Benefits for you : Contains high content of propolis beneficial as an antioxidant, anti fungus, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Flavor notes : Sour, slightly creamy, slightly woody, slightly sweet.

Size : 400 g

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