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BLUEBOOTS  Spiced Rosella Jam 220g

BLUEBOOTS Spiced Rosella Jam 220g

  • 75.000

Blueboots  Spiced Rosella Jam 220g

Not your ordinary jam. Our Spiced Rosella jam is made from Blueboots very own rosella, cinnamons, cloves and star anise – slowly cooked into a tart and crimson colored spread. Perfect as syrups, jams and a condiment paired with pastries or meat. Think scones with jams; meatballs and cranberry!


Ingredients : Blueboots Rosella, Java Cane Sugar, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove

Komposisi : Blueboots Rosella, Gula Tebu Jawa, Kayu Manis, Adas Bintang, Cengkeh

Size : 230 g

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