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DR SOAP Multi Purpose Spray 1Liter

DR SOAP Multi Purpose Spray 1Liter

  • 320.000

Deskripsi dr soap Multi Purpose Spray 1Liter / dr. soap Pembersih Multifungsi

Who needs a cabinet full of different cleaning sprays, when you can use one cost-effective bottle?

dr soap Multi-Purpose Spray is a special anti-bacterial liquid to clean dirt, grime, and spills at multi-surfaces. Kills germs without harmful chemicals, and get rid of bad smells. Freshen the area with biotyca scent. Made with green formulas and great developed. 100% biodegradable concentrated. Our products are completely free from parabens and never tested on animal. Can be used to eliminate the odor in the car seat, the room, bed-wetting, puke, shoes, helmets, clothes, etc. Refillable.

HOW TO USE: Simply spray dr soap Multi-Purpose Spray to the smelly and dirty surfaces. Then, use a clean cloth to rub until it clean (test the corner of the area first).

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