DR SOAP Multipurpose Spray Mauve 230ml

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Deskripsi DR SOAP Multipurpose Spray Mauve


It can get rid of bad smells such as bed-wetting and puke. Neutralize airborne germs to help you avoid illness. Can be used for your makeup vanity tables, sleeping mattress (prevent dust mites), cushion, curtains, carpet, couch, synthetic leather materials, etc.

Storage room:
Often a closed room will develop an unpleasant, dump/musty smell. This will get rid of that musty smells in your house. Can be used for your shoes, shoe rack, cabinet, and any storeroom.


Freshen up your bathrooms and toilets. Applicable for washbasins and mirrors.

Effectively clean dirt, grime, oil, and spills at multi-surfaces. Can be used for your kitchen counter or countertop, stainless steel, marbles, wooden table, etc. Also can remove bad cooking or food smells from the kitchen and that stinky odor from your garbage.

Smoking room:
Kills the smell of smoke/cigarette smoke.

It can be used for your car seat, helmets, workout gear, yoga mat, playmat, toys, strollers, etc.

DR SOAP Multipurpose Spray Mauve 230ml

85.500 95.000