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Organic Supply Co  Rosemary Oil 5ml

Organic Supply Co Rosemary Oil 5ml

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Organic Supply Co  Rosemary Oil 5ml

Rosemary essential oil is strongly herbal and stimulating. This oil is produced from the shrub's flowers through steam distillation. Rosemary mainly helps reduce muscle pain, migraine and headaches, respiratory issues, skin puffiness and swelling, mental fatigue, intestinal issues, as well as varicose veins.

Aroma : Fresh, Herbaceous, Sweet, Medicinal
Size : 5 ml

Uses :

Promotes hair growth
Thickens the hair
Increases scalp health

2. BODY & MIND :
Improve gallbladder function
Improves memory
Soothe digestive uses
Relieve muscle aches and pains

3. HOME :
Natural deodorizer
Kills germs and bacteria
Insect repellent

Therapeutic Properties : Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, Anti-Edema, Antidepressant, Antifungal, Digestive

Plant Parts : Leaves
Botanical Name : Rosmarinus offcinalis ct. Verbenone
Extraction Method : Steam Distilled
Origin : South Africa
Certified Organic by : Australian Certified Organic

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