PURA Beef Extract with Himalayan Salt 80g

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Pura Seasoning – Beef Extract with Himalayan Salt 80g

Begins from our love for natural products and the desire to share the same value to the society, Pura presents a new product, "Pura Seasoning - Beef Extract".


We are proud to say that our product is :

- 0 Carb, 0 Fat, 0 Calorie, 0 Sugar

- Use Thermal Processed Powder, this is the advanced products of beef extracts (Increases the intensity of the meaty and umami taste of the extracts)

- Use Himalayan Salt

- No Filler (Mostly food producer use filler such as flour and sugar to aggravate the weight)

- Gluten Free, Non GMO

- No Preservatives

- 100% Natural & No MSG


Pura only uses selected best ingredients, and processed in a modern and hygienic manufacturing. We really serious and committed to our mission, that we promise to bring The Purest product to society.


Ingredients : Beef Extract, Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Red Onion, Black Pepper and Nutmeg


Size : 80 g

PURA Beef Extract with Himalayan Salt 80g

64.800 72.000